All in one suite for WeChat engagement

WeChatify is an end-to-end solution that enables you to continually listen, act, measure, and optimize your Wechat marketing and customer service efforts

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Audience Segmentation

Segment followers based on their behavior on your official account and send them more relevant content.
In addition, you can also segment followers based on WeChat follower attributes or customer data available in Marketing Cloud

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Personalized Content Marketing

Segment your followers into multiple groups based on multiple parameters like location, gender and any other information provided
Schedule targeted content marketing messages for different groups for maximum impact

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Content planning & scheduling

Cover the entire publishing process. Draft, schedule and post messages across your WeChat accounts.
Plan your content and have your publishing calendar ready weeks in advance

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Drive Engagement

Create chatbots that will provide answers to all frequently asked questions and reduce the load on your live support staff
Use triggered messaging to send out the most relevant messaging to your followers based on their activity

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Contact Center Capabilities

Easily drag-and-drop attractive multi-language cards into chats that link to your FAQ content, products, and services.
Routing & Transfers: Distribute incoming conversations to different departments based on the customer’s need. Agents can easily add another agent to the chat or transfer a conversation

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External Data Integration

Track campaign performance through WeChatify through easy to setup APIs
Capture all third party form submissions through configurable WeChatify forms

Industry specific solutions for WeChat

SaaS Solutions for WeChat Marketing Automation

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Part of Cirque du Soleil's objectives for global expansion is to establish a strong and long-term presence in China in order to share our creativity with as many people as possible. We have a 360 marketing plan to achieve our goal, including setting up a deep online presence, building community, and engaging with fans on WeChat. WeChatify definitely represents a great opportunity for us to connect with the international markets and Chinese population and build awareness for the brand.


Katie Forte

Director Global Strategy

Cirque du Soleil

Adding The Momentum Group to produce our WeChat Mini Program helped Visit Seattle meet our Chinese consumers and visitors on the most important platform to the market. Visit Seattle is excited to work with The Momentum Group


Marcus Carney

Tourism Manager

Visit Seattle

We 110% could not have done this without you and would not have wanted to work with anyone else. Thank you for all that you did to make our presence in China known


Hanna B

Digital Marketing

Grand Hyatt New York


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