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China marketing, salesforce marketing automation, WeChat marketing to China

Digital Transformation and Marketing Automation: Key Takeaways from the WeChat Strategy & Innovation Summit 2019

On March 6, 2019, representatives from more than 100 global brands gathered at the Royal Plaza Hotel in Hong Kong to attend the ...

Ajay Ravi April 16, 2019

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WeChat Impact Report 2018

This week, WeChat released its official impact report for 2018! Some of the key highlights of this report were –

Priyanka Sridharan March 20, 2019

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WeChat Marketing, Luxury Brands

A beginner's guide to WeChat's new brand zone

Similar to Baidu’s brand zone, WeChat facilitates brands to capture followers through the search function. Prior to the release of this feature, a ...

Ajay Ravi April 16, 2019

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WeChat Marketing, Chat Automation in WeChat

How a US based financial services giant is changing the face of real time investor education using AI

Emerging technologies promise to reform markets in what many are calling the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Technologies are developed and deployed to ...

Ajay Ravi March 1, 2019

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wechatify, Shopping & Retail, WeChat marketing to China

Retail innovation powered by WeChat for Luxury Brands

There is no doubt that China is the ideal place for luxury brands to be right now. So how can businesses utilize this huge market? Majority of ...

Joshua Lucas March 14, 2019

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WeChat Marketing, Tencent, Shopping & Retail, Augmented Reality, VR

These brands are using AR & VR to offer exceptional customer experience. Here’s how.

We’re now living in an era powered by digital revolution that is changing the very landscape of customer experiences as we know it. As technology ...

Ajay Ravi March 14, 2019

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Tencent, mini-programs, Tencent Cloud

What's new at TMG? We now deliver WeChat global solutions at hyper scale on Tencent Cloud

We are proud to announce the newest release of WeChatify's Official Account Manager and WeChatify Mini Program Manager on Tencent Cloud. This enables ...

Jeffrey Fish March 14, 2019

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salesforce marketing automation, marketing automation on wechat, digital marketing, WeChat marketing to China

Marketing automation for WeChat using WeChatify and Salesforce Marketing Cloud

With over a 100,000 successful customer stories from around the world, Salesforce is a leader in the world of marketing automation. With over 1 ...

Priyanka Sridharan March 14, 2019

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WeChat, Lunar New Year, Chinese New Year

WeChat Chinese New Year Data Report 2018

Following the massive increase in the usage of WeChat during Chinese New Year, WeChat released an official report including information such as the ...

Priyanka Sridharan March 14, 2019

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WeChat Marketing, mini-programs, wechat 101

WeChat mini programs usage statistics 2017

Within a year from its introduction, WeChat's most celebrated feature, the mini programs, has overtaken the app store in the number of apps available ...

Priyanka Sridharan March 14, 2019

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