A beginner's guide to WeChat's new brand zone

By Ajay Ravi, April 16, 2019

Similar to Baidu’s brand zone, WeChat facilitates brands to capture followers through the search function. Prior to the release of this feature, a brand’s visibility was limited to its followers and their friends, if a post is shared. With this new feature anyone on WeChat, not limited to followers, can directly search for and find brands. Since its release, only 12 luxury brands have received exclusive access to this feature. In this article, we will delve deeper into how to use Brand Zone and how brands can benefit from this feature.

How to use it?

You can find a brand’s brand zone by typing in the brand’s name in the search bar and selecting the search option.

Brand Zone 1

Once you click on the search option, that particular brand’s brand zone will be displayed. The brand zone is divided into 3 parts, the boutique store, the official account and a customized page. The image below shows Cartier’s brand zone and the 3 options that fall under it.

brand zone 2

Official boutique store

Clicking on the Official boutique store option in the brand zone will lead you to a H5 page. Under the brand’s logo, the locate store and call options will be available. The locate option will display all the nearby Cartier stores and the call option will display the contact number.

Brand Zone 3

You can also buy products from the boutique store by selecting the product and clicking on the Pay Now option. You will be redirected to a page, as shown below, where you will have to enter your details and pay to complete the purchase.

brand zone 4

Alternatively, in the place of an H5 page, a mini program can also be used.

Official account

brand zone 5

The official account option will redirect you to the brand’s official account where you can view the articles shared by the brand and follow the brand.

Customized page

brand zone 6

The third option is a customized page created by the brand consisting of functions and content created by them. The product(s) can be purchased from this page or a link can be added to redirect to the boutique store. Since this is decided and designed by the brand, it can also be a mini program.

How can brands benefit from this feature?

brand zone 7

Free and easy access

Brand zone allows WeChat users to search for brands and access their boutique store and official account even if they aren’t followers of the account. This will help increase the brand’s visibility as even non-followers can find the brand through a simple search.

Ease of purchase

Users can easily access the brand’s official boutique store and make purchases with just one click without any extra apps and within WeChat.

Larger audience

With a recorded 980 million active users on WeChat, brand zone gives brands the opportunity to reach a much larger audience than just their followers. Brands can use this to their advantage in order to display their products to potential customers and also increase sales.

Quality assurance

As the brands and pages displayed here are verified by WeChat, customers can be assured of the brand’s genuineness before purchase. This helps to evade fakes and ensures the quality of the product to the customer.

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