An introduction to WeChat Coupon Ads

By Priyanka Sridharan, March 14, 2019

Introduced in May, coupon ads is a relatively unknown feature to brands and marketers trying to capture the Chinese market. After image and video ads, coupon ads is the third type of Moments ads introduced by WeChat this year. This new addition supports text, images, videos, and allows users to collect, redeem and share coupon from WeChat.


With over 980 million active users every month, brands from all over the world are trying to use WeChat’s massive user base and features to their advantage. Coupon ads, in particular, has two main strengths –

  • User targeting

By accurately targeting users based on their interests and interactions, coupon ads provide the best returns for the time and money invested.

  • Social sharing 

Social sharing allows a user to collect coupons and use it not only for himself/herself, but also share it with friends on WeChat. This way, brands can take advantage of the social sharing feature and reach a wider audience on WeChat.

The key difference between image or video ads and coupon ads is that the former primarily serves the purpose of promoting the brand whereas the latter provides the user with something while promoting the brand. However, as coupon ads also falls under the category of moments ads, brands are required to invest a minimum of 50,000RMB to use this feature.

How does it work?


Coupon ads will be displayed on the user’s moments feed. As you can see, there will be a collect option at the bottom of the ad. When a user clicks on this option, he/she will be redirected to the coupon page from where the coupon can be collected.

Untitled design (1)

Collected coupons as well as coupons shared by friends will be saved in the user’s WeChat account. They will be saved under the Cards and Offers section under the Me tab.


The user can show the QR codes from these coupons at the specified outlets to redeem them.

Since its introduction, brands and restaurants such as GAP and Pizza Hut have reaped the benefits of successful coupon ads on WeChat. Pizza Hut’s coupon to promote its Durian Pizza saw an increase in collection rates by 8-10 times. Given the advantages of coupon ads, going forward, coupon ads could become the preferred form of advertising for brands on WeChat.


With the latest update made to WeChatify, you can now create vouchers that can be sent out on WeChat and redeemed by your follower base. Through WeChatify you can create 4 different types of vouchers – cash, discount, gift and general. WeChatify's tag tracking feature gives you an upperhand when it comes to follower retargetting by giving you details about the followers who have redeemed the voucher or coupon. To know more about how you can leverage vouchers to further your reach in China, contact us now!


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