Digital Loyalty – How WeChat got it right

By Priyanka Sridharan, March 14, 2019

As China moves towards becoming a fully digital society, virtual membership cards are becoming increasingly popular among WeChat users. In the past year, a number of businesses have introduced membership cards on WeChat as a replacement for physical membership cards. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what digital membership cards on WeChat are and how they work.

What are digital membership cards?


The purpose of digital membership cards are the same as physical membership cards, to collect and redeem membership points that are gained through repeated purchase. Apart from the ease in mobility and use of these cards, the ability to check your reward points at any time through your phone and share your card with your friends are what give digital membership cards an edge over physical ones. From a business perspective, these cards are beneficial as they cut the cost of making physical copies.

How are they given to users and where are they found on WeChat?

Unlike physical membership cards that are given out in stores, digital cards are easier to send to followers. There are four ways to give membership cards to users – by scanning QR codes, through broadcasts from the official account on WeChat, through a menu button on the official account or by inserting the card in an article. To activate the card and receive their payment code, users will have to provide details such as their name, contact number, birthday etc.

Once a user gets a membership card, it is stored in the Cards and Passes section in the Me tab. These are stored along with the user’s coupons.


Break Talk, a bakery, has reportedly gained 40,000 new members and deposit of over 800,000 yuan within a short period of time after it introduced its digital membership card on WeChat. A number of other retailers and small scale businesses in China have also made their membership cards available on WeChat. Between marketing to potential customers and engaging with existing ones, these loyalty cards could be the missing piece that makes it all fall into place.



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