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What's new at TMG? We now deliver WeChat global solutions at hyper scale on Tencent Cloud

Jeffrey FishMay 6, 2019

We are proud to announce the newest release of WeChatify's Official Account Manager and WeChatify Mini Program Manager ... Read more

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WeChat mini programs usage statistics 2017

Priyanka SridharanMarch 14, 2019

Within a year from its introduction, WeChat's most celebrated feature, the mini programs, has overtaken the app store ... Read more

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Top mini programs on WeChat

Priyanka SridharanMarch 20, 2019

Since its introduction, WeChat's 'mini programs' feature has taken the Chinese market by storm. According to Tencent’s ... Read more

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The evolution of WeChat Mini Programs

Ajay RaviMarch 20, 2019

 On January 9th, 2017, WeChat launched its ‘Mini Programs’ which allow users to use apps without downloading or ... Read more

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Understanding WeChat Mini-Programs

Sunanda JayanthMarch 20, 2019

Launched in early January 2017, WeChat’s “Mini-programs” are conceptually similar to apps that can be used immediately, ... Read more

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