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WeChat Marketing, Luxury Brands

A beginner's guide to WeChat's new brand zone

by Ajay Ravi

WeChat Marketing, Chat Automation in WeChat

How a US based financial services giant is changing the face of real time investor education using AI

Emerging technologies promise to reform markets in what many are calling the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Technologies are developed and deployed to ...

Ajay Ravi March 1, 2019

WeChat Marketing, Tencent, Shopping & Retail, Augmented Reality, VR

These brands are using AR & VR to offer exceptional customer experience. Here’s how.

We’re now living in an era powered by digital revolution that is changing the very landscape of customer experiences as we know it. As technology ...

Ajay Ravi March 14, 2019

WeChat Marketing, mini-programs, wechat 101

WeChat mini programs usage statistics 2017

Within a year from its introduction, WeChat's most celebrated feature, the mini programs, has overtaken the app store in the number of apps available ...

Priyanka Sridharan March 14, 2019

WeChat Marketing, WeChat, WeChatApp, official accounts

Luxury brands are waiting to gain access to WeChat’s new Brand Zone – here’s why

On December 11th, WeChat rolled out a new feature called Brand Zone with its latest update. Similar to Baidu’s brand zone, this feature on WeChat ...

Priyanka Sridharan March 14, 2019

WeChat Marketing, wechatify, coupon ads, WeChat moments ads

An introduction to WeChat Coupon Ads

Introduced in May, coupon ads is a relatively unknown feature to brands and marketers trying to capture the Chinese market. After image and video ...

Priyanka Sridharan March 14, 2019

WeChat Marketing, China marketing, WeChat, Moments Ads

A complete guide to WeChat Moments Ads

  Similar to ads run by Facebook on the user’s feeds, display ads have become a frequent sighting on the moments page of WeChat. These ads are of two ...

Priyanka Sridharan March 14, 2019

WeChat Marketing, China marketing, Destination Marketing, virtual reality

WeChat marketing using VR devices

With the Chinese government encouraging companies to develop more VR and AR technologies and the increase in the number of tech savvy youngsters in ...

Priyanka Sridharan March 20, 2019

WeChat Marketing, China marketing

How to attract Chinese travelers to your hotel

  Comprising 10% of the global outbound travel, China is the largest contributor to outbound travel. With an estimated increase to 14% by 2020, ...

Priyanka Sridharan March 20, 2019

WeChat Marketing, mini-programs, wechat mini apps, mini-apps, official accounts

Understanding WeChat Mini-Programs

Launched in early January 2017, WeChat’s “Mini-programs” are conceptually similar to apps that can be used immediately, without the need for ...

Sunanda Jayanth March 20, 2019

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