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Retail innovation powered by WeChat for Luxury Brands

by Joshua Lucas

WeChat Marketing, wechatify, coupon ads, WeChat moments ads

An introduction to WeChat Coupon Ads

Introduced in May, coupon ads is a relatively unknown feature to brands and marketers trying to capture the Chinese market. After image and video ...

Priyanka Sridharan March 14, 2019

WeChat Marketing, China marketing, wechatify, follower segmentation

Follower Segmentation on WeChat - Engage your Audience Effectively!

When putting together a China marketing strategy for WeChat, just as it is on any other social media channel, a targeted content strategy is the key ...

Sunanda Jayanth March 20, 2019

wechatify, Conference, WeChatApp, #WeChatxUSCS, US China Strong

Bridging the Cultural Gap through WeChatify!

Spring blossomed and brought with it an exciting and eventful time for us at The Momentum Group. We were part of the "Bridging the Cultural Gap" ...

Sunanda Jayanth March 20, 2019

China marketing, wechatify, real estate, luxury properties, real estate on wechat

The Momentum Group brings US Luxury Real Estate to China

The Momentum Group partners with REX Real Estate to bring luxury properties in the United States to the Chinese Audience on WeChat

Sunanda Jayanth March 20, 2019

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