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These brands are using AR & VR to offer exceptional customer experience. Here’s how.

We’re now living in an era powered by digital revolution that is changing the very landscape of customer experiences as we know it. As technology evolves, it is rapidly pushing the bar higher for more intuitive customer interactions and transcendent usability. With these revolutionary developments, achieving an experience that exceeds the customers’ expectations is becoming increasingly challenging. Coming to the aid of brands across industries, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are set to totally transform customer experience, replacing every pain point with fascinating, interactive experiences that both inform and entertain.

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How a US based financial services giant is changing the face of real time investor education using AI

Emerging technologies promise to reform markets in what many are calling the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Technologies are developed and deployed to solve multiple hurdles faced every day, and have caused rapid societal shifts. Along these lines, pioneering next-gen client support services as part of WeChat marketing automation platform, WeChatify has helped US based financial services giant, TD Ameritrade to ease real time market updates and investor education using WeChat.

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WeChat mini programs usage statistics 2017

Within a year from its introduction, WeChat's most celebrated feature, the mini programs, has overtaken the app store in the number of apps available by 80,000. In this short period, these apps have become extremely popular among brands and consumers alike. To get an understanding of the extent to which these apps are being used, here's a review of their usage statistics in 2017.

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Luxury brands are waiting to gain access to WeChat’s new Brand Zone – here’s why

On December 11th, WeChat rolled out a new feature called Brand Zone with its latest update. Similar to Baidu’s brand zone, this feature on WeChat facilitates brands to capture followers through search. Prior to the release of this feature, a brand’s visibility was limited to its followers and their friends, if a post is shared. With this update anyone on WeChat, not limited to followers, can directly search for and find brands. Since its release, only 12 luxury brands have received exclusive access to this feature. In this article, we will delve deeper into how to use Brand Zone and how brands can benefit from this feature.

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An introduction to WeChat Coupon Ads

Introduced in May, coupon ads is a relatively unknown feature to brands and marketers trying to capture the Chinese market. After image and video ads, coupon ads is the third type of Moments ads introduced by WeChat this year. This new addition supports text, images, videos, and allows users to collect, redeem and share coupon from WeChat.

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A complete guide to WeChat Moments Ads


Similar to ads run by Facebook on the user’s feeds, display ads have become a frequent sighting on the moments page of WeChat. These ads are of two types – display ads and video ads. WeChat allows the outer link video to play for up to 15 seconds. Users can click on the link to open the full video, which can last up to 90 seconds. In the case of display ads, up to 6 images can be added depending on the amount invested. These ads generally consist of the brand’s name, logo, image/video, description (up to 40 characters) and user feedback.

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WeChat marketing using VR devices

With the Chinese government encouraging companies to develop more VR and AR technologies and the increase in the number of tech savvy youngsters in China, the virtual reality market has been booming. With the rapid penetration of VR devices into the Chinese market, it has been predicted that the demand for these products will reach 85 million in the next 5 years with a revenue of $1.7 Billion These numbers make China a bigger market than the US, which has a predicted demand of 68 million. A survey conducted by Niko Partners in 2016 showed that more than half of Chinese gamers are interested in purchasing a VR device and about 30% are willing to spend up to $200 on it.

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How to attract Chinese travelers to your hotel


Comprising 10% of the global outbound travel, China is the largest contributor to outbound travel. With an estimated increase to 14% by 2020, hotels around the world have shifted their focus to the Chinese markets. Some hotels have also introduced programs designed to make Chinese guests feel welcomed and comfortable. Hilton’s Huanying program, which was initially introduced in 13 countries, is now available worldwide to Chinese tourists. Since its introduction in 2011, the program has welcomed millions of Chinese tourists and continues to attract more. Following this, Hyatt Hotels and Resorts introduced the ‘Nin Hao’ program that provides Chinese guests with Chinese TV channels, tea, Chinese menu for room service and a 24 hour Mandarin hotline to help guests navigate. Many other luxury hotels such as Marriott International, AccorHotels, and Starwood Hotels etc. have also introduced similar programs to attract Chinese travelers in the past decade.

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All You Ever Wanted to Know about WeChat!

That's right! We at The Momentum Group love talking about WeChat and what it means for your business. That's why, through our webinars, we teach you how to set up your brand’s WeChat account and start marketing to Chinese audiences!

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Understanding WeChat Mini-Programs

Launched in early January 2017, WeChat’s “Mini-programs” are conceptually similar to apps that can be used immediately, without the need for downloading anything. With support for e-commerce and WeChat Pay, WeChat mini apps allow purchases, searching for information, and even photo editing. Essentially, they offer an inexpensive additional avenue for customer engagement without having to leave the WeChat ecosystem.

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