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Salesforce Basecamp, 2017 Recap

September 18, 2017 at 7:20 AM

On 5th September, the Salesforce Basecamp event was held in Singapore and WeChatify was one of its proud sponsors. The event was focused on customer success using Salesforce and included speakers across domains from top brands like Fonterra, AXA Asia, Johnson & Johnson, and several others who shared their knowledge, experience and discussed the future of personalized marketing.

The keynote by Robert Wickham, Regional Vice President of Enterprise Sales, Salesforce, was focused on the future of customer engagement, an interactive discussion about Lightning and its use to different types of organizations, leveraging social media platforms to increase marketing ROI and a number of workshops! The event was well-structured and overall, perfectly conducted.

The WeChatify team had their hands full during the event discussing how WeChatify delivers marketing automation on China’s favorite social media platform, WeChat.

The attendees had a lot of questions about our platform and its functions. We have used this blog to answer three of the most frequently asked questions. If you need more details or have more questions, you know how to get in touch with us! 

Q1:  Does all data from WeChat come into Marketing Cloud? 

A:  All follower activity on the WeChat account flows into Marketing Cloud through WeChatify. This information can be used independently or in conjunction with other data in Marketing Cloud data extensions to trigger 1:1 journeys on WeChat or other channels.

Q2: How are you handling data keeping in view of the PII laws in China?

A:   All personally identifiable information is tokenized and retained in China for compliance.

Q3: Do you have an integration to service cloud?

A:   We hear you! This is in our development pipeline and is slated to be released in Q1 2018.











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Thank you Salesforce for hosting a truly enlightening event!