Create, Collaborate, Translate, Schedule on WeChatify
Marketing to a Chinese audience was never this easy

  • Flexible content creation, collaboration, and publishing in an easy to use English platform.
  • Simple and intuitive - your teams can move nimbly at the speed of social, focusing on results instead of training.
  • Store, collaborate, and manage your content from one place.
  • Share assets across all your WeChat accounts and with your teams globally.
  • Cover the entire publishing process. Draft, schedule and post messages across your WeChat accounts.
  • View scheduled content across the team
  • Plan your content and have your publishing calendar ready weeks in advance.
  • Stop using emails and spreadsheets to collaborate on the weekly marketing messages. WeChatify enables different teams to work on individual message cards and then concatenates them into a single message push.
  • Global brand managers can now create individual message cards that can simply be plugged into the broadcasts sent out by the local China based marketing teams.
  • Create messages, queue them for review and approval through an intuitive content workflow process.
  • WeChatify’s message approval workflow is great for compliance, legal, agency collaboration or review.
  • Content translators can now add Chinese content with ease in a panel right next to the English content.
  • Translation review and approval process.
  • Schedule daily and weekly content marketing messages to be sent out at times that ensure the highest open rates in China
  • Schedule message broadcasts based on your content calendar weeks in advance
  • Segment your followers into multiple groups based on multiple parameters like location, gender and any other information provided
  • Schedule targeted content marketing messages for different groups for maximum impact 
  • Our customers often have multiple WeChat accounts - global brand account, specialized department accounts, branch accounts etc. Manage multiple accounts from a single login.
  • Make content creation and management efficient by sharing content and creative assets across multiple accounts.
  • Social teams are made up of different people with different needs. Our platform can be customized to user roles and work groups. Users will only have access to the information and places they need to manage.
  • Assign approvals, edits, or scheduling based on these roles.
  • Get alerts when someone makes a change to a message, and see its full revision history right in the platform.
  • Get total visibility into what’s happening on your WeChat account at a glance
  • See pending tasks, feedback, broadcast schedules and more from the task dashboard 
  • Add multiple users to your Wechatify account with role based privileges
  • Give access to translators and other users without compromising your WeChat account security
  • See the number of users following your account, number of new followers, unfollows
  • Get stats on where most of your followers are coming from, devices they are accessing from, demographic information and more
  • Understand how users are interacting with your content. See what works and what doesn’t.
  • Compare the performance of multiple message broadcasts
  • Get stats on how many followers received, read and shared your content marketing messages
  • Understand how well you are engaging with your followers in a two way conversation through the one-to-one message reporting dashboard
  • See how many of your followers reached out to you, how many messages were sent and what were the primary keywords used to help plan your auto responses better
  • Get in-depth stats on how your followers are interacting with your microsite content
  • Get stats on the most popular pages, which pages have been shared and liked the most